Finding the right home is not an easy task. If you are a potential buyer, there are numerous hurdles to  jump before you finally move into the proper home.

Some buyers like to leave their buying needs with four or five salespeople. Although this sounds like a good idea to use many agents, we have found it to be very ineffective. This approach assumes that a committee can accomplish more than one person. Like most committee assignments, however, results are often postponed and somewhat discouraging. Because the buyer is not committed to one salesperson, no one is spending extra effort on the buyer’s behalf.

My advice is to shop for the sales associate that you feel will get the results you want and then stick with him or her exclusively. In this way you will have a dedicated agent who will take on the personal responsibility of handling all the details of your upcoming home purchase. If you give your loyalty to one person, you will be rewarded with results.

Let’s look at the tasks that must be performed on your behalf:

  • You will need financing advice on the price range for which you can qualify.
  • Your family’s specific needs must be learned so that you are shown only those homes that will suit your needs.
  • Appointments must be set and an itinerary established for showings.
  • Offers must be prepared, explained, and presented on your behalf.
  • You must be represented in the negotiating process.
  • Closing documents and final details must be attended to.
  • You must be personally represented at the actual closing of the sale.

If you want all these services find one Realtor® and stay with him or her!

My/Our Service To You . . .

  • I/We will return your calls promptly.
  • I/We are well informed and knowledgeable.
  • I/We will explain all areas of the buying process.
  • I/We will invest time in you.
  • I/We will request a meeting initially in the office.
  • I/We will address your lifestyle and make certain I/We understand your wants and needs.
  • I/We know the local area well and  current market conditions.

My/Our Responsibility To You . . .

  • To educate you in basic real estate practices.
  • To recommend a specific price range.
  • To orientate you to the community/areas that apply.
  • To address the issues of school districts, religious institutions, recreational facilities.
  • To do a screening of listings.
  • To show you all property.
  • To estimate all ownership costs.
  • To execute a contract and negotiation.
  • To assist your attorney if you are using one.
  • To help locate expert financing.
  • To assist in mortgage application.
  • To explain all settlement papers.
  • To attend the settlement/closing with you.

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